Diploma in Intellevtual Property Laws (D.P.R.)
Paper- I Introduction to Intellectual Property Laws : 100 Marks
  Classification of Property-Introduction to Intellectual Property-Nature, Scope and Historical Developement of IPR- International Instruments relating to IPR- International Trade Agreements related to IPR- International Organizations relating to IPR.
Paper- II Copyright Law : 100 Marks
  Concept-Meaning-Subject matter of copyright- Copy right law in India- Ownership of copyright and Rights and Owner of Copyright - Term of copy-right-Authorities under copyright Act. Infringement of copyright-Remedies against Infringement of copyright (Copyright Act, 1957 along with Copyright Rules 1958).
Paper- III Trade Marks Law (including Law related to 100 Marks
  Geographical Indication of Goods)  
  Meaning- Definition- Features of Trade marks- Different types of Trade Marks-Service Marks- Collective Marks- Trade Marks Law in India- Procedure for Acquisition of Registered Trade Marks-Distinct Marks-Deceptive similarity-Rights acquired by Registration of Trade marks Remedies for Infringement of Trade Marks- Passing-off Action-Authorities under Trade Marks Act (Trade Marks Act 1999 with Trade Marks Rules) 1959 Geographical Indication of Goods (Registration and Protection Act, 1999).
Paper- IV Patents and Designs Law (including Law related to 100 Marks
  Integrated Circuits, Protection of Plant variations and Farmers rights  
  Evolution of patent-Meaning-Definition of patent-patent Law in India-Salient features of patent-Product patent-process patent-Acquisition of patent-Rights of Patentee-Transfer of Patent Rights- Surrender and Revocation of Patents-Infringement of Patent-Exclusive Marketing Rights (Patients Act, 1970 with Patents Rules 1972).
  Essential features - Meaning-Definition of Design-Design Law in India-Registration of Designs-Rights of Design Holders-Infringement of Designs-Remedies (Designs Act 1911 with Designs Rules 1933 and Desings Act, 2000). The semi conductor Integrated circuits Lay out-Designs Act, 2000-Protection of Plant varieties and Farmers Rights Act,2001.
  Reference Books :
1) Income Tax Pleading, Practise and by R. C. Sharma
  Conveyance :  
2) Income Tax Manual Parts : I, II, III.  
3) Income Tax Law and Practise : by O. P. Chopra
  Test Books :
1) Indian Estate Duty Law : by S.A.I. Narayanrao
2) Laws of Practise of Wealth Tax and Companies by Sukumar
  Profits Surtax : Bhattacharaya
3) Three New Taxes : (Wealth Tax, Gift Tax & by A. C. Sampath
  Company Surtax) : lyengar
  Reference Books :
1) Hand Book on Estate Duty : by Mandiwal and
2) Commentaries on Indian Estate Duty by D. R. Gupta .
3) Dymond on Death Duties  
  Test Books :
1) Laws of Central Excise : by Brij Bans Kishore
2) Central Sales Tax : by R. V. Patel
3) Central and Maharashtra Sales Tax Laws : by Choudhary
  Reference Books :
1) Commentaries on Import and Export Control Act, by Brij Bans Kishore
  1947 :  
2) Commentaries on Central Sales Tax Act : by Maheshaji Pershad.
3) Sales Tax Review of Maharashtra Sales Tax Practitioner's Association.
4) Bulletin Published by the Sales Tax Department of the Government of
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